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Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 9 07:07:22 PDT 2004


If you like Big Band Jazz a la Maynard Ferguson, You can listen to music
from Basie to Maynard Ferguson 24/7 at:


Also, known as:  JazzPlayerRadio "The House That Ferguson Built"

JazzPlayerRadio was inspired by the people that hang out on the forum at
Maynard.Ferguson.net (Matt Keller's place). These are people that need a
Maynard fix 24/7, and JazzPlayerRadio was created to do just that. Not only
Maynard, but also MF alumni, and other great players.

Jake Sommers created JazzPlayerRadio and is a 24-year broadcast veteran and
Maynard fan. Jake has been on the air in Dallas (twice!), Minneapolis,
Denver, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and currently is the afternoon
announcer at 104.9 The River in Columbus, Ohio and co-owns, with his
beautiful wife Dana, BasementProduction.com, a Radio and Television
voice-over company.

You can E-mail Jake at jake at jazzplayerradio.com

JazzPlayerRadio is:
Jake Sommers - Program Director
Dana Rush - Voice Imaging/Inspiration
Paul Schoessler - Webmaster
Kevin Seeley - Music Consultant/Life Saver

JazzPlayerRadio is owned and operated by the Southwest Media Group, an
organization dedicated to creating new outlets for true musical expression.
It is Southwest Media Group's sincere conviction that real musicians must be
heard. Members of Southwest Media Group come from diverse backgrounds and
possess a wide range of talent. With successful professional musicians,
businessmen, and engineers on board, SMG is blessed with a multiplicity of
experience. While their backgrounds are diverse, their intentions are the
same, SMG uses their talent and experience to promote quality art and music.

Steve Barbone

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