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Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sat Oct 9 02:49:22 PDT 2004

Smartscore AND Photoscore BOTH can output midi files.
With Smartscore, as there are several version at different
prices, you have to check the version you are buying to
make sure it has midi. In the lower versions they trade off
printing vs. midi vs. some other feature. THe pro version
contains all options.

IF you are not going to feed your output into Finale, then I
believe the photoscore is a better choice, but you should
check out both to make sure that there is not a feature that
YOU need, that I didn't find important to me.

You can check out photoscore at www.neuratron.com/photoscore.htm
I believe that BOTH Smartscore and Photoscore has some demo version
that has limits, (like no saving of the output), which you can test to see if
you at least like the features and the human factors.

Craig Johnson

On 10/8/2004 8:59:31 PM, willc at highstream.net wrote:
> Thanks, Trumpetom, for the info on Smartscore.
> Further query:
> Are the music composition files in MIDI, or is there provision for
> converting them to MIDI for further processing?
> Thanks.
> Kindly,
> Will Connelly
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