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Thu Oct 7 07:11:57 PDT 2004

Below is one type of e-mail promotion Barbone Street uses. It was sent to
about 480 fans, friends, clients in an area of a hundred mile radius of our
home base. It is a highly targeted mail list of folks who come see us,
and/or hire us rather than a broadcast mail to warm bodies.

BTW, to give you an idea of OKOM's worth, the Beaux Arts Ball event pays
about double what a major 3 day, 10 set OKOM festival would pay. And, is
MUCH MORE EXCITING for both participants and musicians. More like what jazz
was and how it was perceived back in the "good old days," before the artsy
elitists got a hold of it.

Also note that several major cities in the USA have Beaux Arts Balls
sponsored by the local AIA chapter. Other band leaders might check out their
city and propose a "Mardi Gras" type presentation for 2005. TIP: Raise your
usual price sights if you get a chance to quote this one. This is not an
OKOM  "give it away" gig but more in line with a Lester Lanin "Society Gig".

You might even have to wear a tux. :-) VBG

Steve (enlarge the OKOM audience) Barbone

PS. I believe Sheik has a 4 piece group at the Dover Downs gig also. What? 2
OKOM bands at a "general music" jazz festival?


Our Summertime performances presenting 9 year old jazz violin sensation
Jonathan Russell were a huge success. We miss him now that he is back in
school in New York City, however he reports receiving fan mail on his
website from fans who saw him with us in Delaware and Pennsylvania. He also
reports increased interest from Jazz luminaries around the country.

We have some exciting gigs coming up in Philadelphia and Dover as follows:

OCTOBER 30 (SAT) - BEAUX ARTS BALL - New Constitution Center on Independence
Mall in  Philadelphia. MEGA Halloween costume party, 3500 people expected.
Hours are 9 PM to 3 AM. Tickets are $75. Sponsors" pay $250 a head and are
admitted to the sponsor preview party at 7:30 PM.

Beautiful People, outrageous costumes, must be 21 to attend - Etc, Etc. It
is a benefit organized by the American Institute of Architects, Philadelphia
Chapter, and is arguably the highlight of the social season.

Barbone Street starts the evening off at the Sponsor Party, playing from
7:30 to 8:30 PM. Then we do one hour sets at 10 PM, Midnight, and 2 AM.

We are honored to have been chosen. According to their selection committee,
They were seeking the hottest jazz band in the Tri-State area and we came
out the winner. Say, is this our 15 minutes of fame? :-) VBG.

Call 215-569-3186 for more information.

Following weekend we're at Dover Downs Hotel/Casino/Convention Center.

SAT & SUN, Nov 6 & 7, we headline the 3RD ANNUAL WINE and JAZZ FESTIVAL
there, along with Tito Puente Jr. Our sets on the Main Stage are Noon, 2PM
and 4 PM each day. Tito's 13 piece Latin jazz/dance band plays at 8 PM.
There are also other jazz bands appearing in smaller lounge venues
throughout the Hotel.

This is our 3rd year in a row at the event which has grown by leaps and
bounds since first inaugurated in 2002.

Barbone Street is certainly living up to its slogan: "The Most Sought After
Jazz / Swing / Hot Dance Band in the Delaware Valley."

We are booking for 2005 / 2006 now. One of our goals is a steady club date
or restaurant gig, locally, during the week. If you have, or know of any
interested venues, please contact us at e mail address, or 610-998-0431, or
see <www.barbonestreet.com>

Steve Barbone 

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