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Robert Armstrong, who I believe lives in Dixon, did the cover art for the
first two Wooden Nickel CDs, "Shuffle off the Buffalo," and "Way Down on
Buffalo Bay."

Pics at http://www.wnjb.com/recordings.html if you're interested in seeing
them, down t'wards the bottom.  He was the artist for the Mickey Rat series
(an underground comic from the uhhhh 60's or 70's or one o' them) and the
original Couch Potato.

I found this interesting site while Googling him.

- Bob Williams

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The Cheap Suit Serenaders will be making their (hopefully) annual 
appearance at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley on January 27, 2005. At this
year's gig they included Robert Armstrong, Bob Brozman, Tom 
Marion, Allan Dodge, and Terry Zwigoff (director of Bad Santa, Ghost 
World and Crumb). Fantastic party included three musical saws. Janet 
Klein joined in from the audience.
I was delighted to engage Robert Armstrong to play at my daughter's 
Hawaiian-theme wedding in Sacramento. It was on the condition, of 
course, that he play his saw.

John Pendleton

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