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> Bob, I can get to the first page of the site but can't get any of the
> links to load fully. Anyone else having the same problem? Arn
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>   Incidently the KDDB have their own web-site, and you can, in fact,
>   download all their recorded music. The URL is
>   http://www.kddb.narod.ru and click on "english"

It is extremely slow to load.  Took about a minute to get the first 
page to display.

I am trying to download one of the mp3 files, and the download rate 
started at 2 KB/sec, and has since droped to 543 bytes/sec.  Should 
have the first file downloaded to my hard drive in 45 minutes or so. 
And I have a cable-modem (high-speed) connection.  Slowness likely 
due to their inability to send at high speed.

Not so good.

Larry Swain

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