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No need to purchase another notation program. You already have the best and 
most powerful. Assuming you have already entered chords in at least one 
part, simply do this to copy chords in other parts:

1. Click on the MASS MOVER tool (looks like a little truck).

2. In scroll view, scroll to the very beginning of the tune and click once 
right in front of (to the left of) the staff that has the chords you wish to 
copy. That will highlight that entire staff, beginning to end.

3. To be sure you're copying only chords (and not notes, articulations, 
etc.) click on the MASSEDIT menu at the top, then click COPY ENTRY ITEMS.

4. The ENTRY ITEMS window opens up. Be sure the ONLY thing in the list 
checked is CHORDS.

5. Click OK.

6. Now zoom out (if necessary) so you can see both the staff with the chords 
and the staff to which you want to copy the chords. Click on the first 
measure of your highlighted staff and drag to the staff without the chords.

Bingo. All the CHORDS (and only the chords) are copied into the new staff.

Now just repeat - click and drag - to all other staves that need chords.

IMPORTANT: Finale will only copy chords to NOTES or RESTS. So if you have, 
for instance, a whole note that has a C chord on beat one and a C7 chord on 
beat three, it will only show the C chord on beat one. To get around this, 
create invisible notes (or rests) in another layer, then type the C7 on beat 
three in that layer.

Chords over slash marks are easy....just remember that Finale will only copy 
chords to notes (or rests). That means you must enter notes or rests first, 
then apply your slash marks.

It just takes practice. While it is the best and most powerful, it also 
comes with a learning curve. I highly recommend you visit the Finale Forum 
for lots of expert help from lots of experienced users. See it here:


Good luck.

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I am having a problem with Finalie.  How do I get it to copy chord symbols 
to all the parts?  Sometimes it will transpose the chord symbol correctly 
other times not.  Do you have to re enter them on each staff?  That's a real 
drag.  How do you get it to put in a chord symbol over slash marks?

I am inputting midi files and using some of the tracks to print parts but I 
need to put chord symbols on all parts.

I would like to enter the chord symbols one time and have it put them on all 
staves transposed whenever possible.

This is the 2002 version.

Is there another program like Encore, Sibelius or Music Time that will do 
it?  I don't need more than a dozen staves or so.  I would prefer to not 
spend a bunch.  Did that once.
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