[Dixielandjazz] Re: Satin Doll

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Tue Nov 30 14:36:43 PST 2004

Dear John,
It looks like no one has replied to your request yet.
Who can blame them?
Why would you want to spoil your wonderful midi site with such a boring
song?    8>)
Just kidding (well almost). Our band singer does it, but that does not mean
I have to like it!
I have consulted my tune index for piano-only and piano-rhythm versions of
"Satin Doll" (1958. Ellington-Strayhorn), but there aren't too many in an
extremely long list of renditions.
Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Earl Hines, Armand Hug, Jay McShann, Teddy
Wilson, Red Garland, Hank Jones, Red Richards, Charlie Beal (1979 quintette
with listmate Dick Broadie on bass), Jimmy Rowles, Rose Murphy, Johnny
Guarnieri (1984), George Shearing, Sammy Price (1988 on a Canadian Parkwood
Not many of the above are in my collection, as you would probably guess.
But it may prompt a few DJMLers to check out their cupboards
However, I have checked the following that I do have:
*Earl Hines. A Bill Weilbacher session on 10 Dec 1971. 'Earl Hines plays
Duke Ellington. Vol 2'. Issued on Master Jazz Record and Swaggie LPs. Hines
improvising typically for 4.50.
*Willie 'The Lion' Smith. From the April 1968 RCA 'The memoirs of Willie The
Lion Smith' 2LP album (my copy on French Jazz Tribune'). Smith talking,
bragging and playing bits by others including Fats, James P and Duke
Ellington. The "Satin Doll" piece is only 1.15 long.
*Teddy Wilson. 12 March 1972. From the Bill Weilbacher 'Master Jazz Piano'
series (issued on a Mosaic CD set and Swaggie CD 406). Certainly worth a
listen for your purpose.
Kind regards,
PS: You rat! Now I can't get the bloody tune out of my head!


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