[Dixielandjazz] What's playing on your CD player (Don Ingle, that's who!)

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Mon Nov 29 11:56:58 PST 2004

Bob Romans wrote:

> Right now I've got a CD Don Ingle sent me..."The Michgan NIghthawks", 
> "Son's of Bix", and "Jazz Ltd. Reunion Band"...WHAT BANDS!! Great 
> Dixieland! Thanks Don! I LOVE your solos...the bass sax and ALL of you 
> are swingin' your butts off!! Great arrangements!
> Who is your bass sax player? Who are these guys?
> Everyone on this list should hear this!
> Warm regards,
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Wow -- thanks Bob. How much do I owe you for your press agentry?
That's Russ Whiteman, perhaps the best of all the post-Rollini bass 
saxists since the late Joe Rushton. The band also had our listmate Don 
Gibson on piano. Don has been ailing -- complications of post by-pass 
operation. Hopefully he will be back in stride with some stride soon. A 
little prayer out there is not a bad thing to add in his direction.
I had fun with all three bands -- on trombone with the SOB's but mainly 
cornet on the rest. The little old time keeper Wayne Jones on SOB's and 
JLRB cuts. Steve Templeton on the MI Nighthawks -- Steve put in some 
time with the
New Reformation Jazz Band, but mostly is ours, all ours. Our trombonist 
Jerry Paauwe and I do the charts, but leave them plenty loose for 
improv. Appreciate your complimentary comments. Now if there was only 
some work in this North Country where the deer outnumber the people and 
the people are getting old as mud -- present company included.
JLRB had a number of players that worked the old Chicago Club often 
compared to Condon's or Nicks in NY. I put in five years in the house 
band in the 60's before burn out. Headed for the woods and trout streams 
of North Michigan and put my soul in order. Now when I play it's 
pleasure not pain. (Can't speak for the audience.)

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