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As far as I know, Trombone Rag is always in Db.


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> Hi all. I'm working on some West Coast tune sheets for my new fakebook, 
> and
> have some questions.
> "Sage hen strut" and "Trombone rag" are played in Db by Lu Watters.
> Anderson has "Sage hen" in Eb--is that a "standard" key? I assume it would
> be easier for less expert musicians, but if Eb is an exception, I should
> use Db.
> Is "Trombone rag" regularly played in another key?
> "Creole belles" (in Eb-Ab), first chord of the melody: I hear it as Ab in
> all the recordings I have, but Bob Neighbor's "Vintage Jazz Standards" has
> Eb. Anderson has the tune in F-Bb, and uses Bb as the first chord.
> Would I be correct in considering Lu Watters' Good Time Jazz recordings to
> be "authoritative" for my purposes? (I have the 4-CD set.) I note some
> differences in melody notes between Watters and the Anderson and Neighbors
> sheets.
> I have "Down home rag", "Creole belles", "Trombone rag", "Big bear stomp",
> "Sage hen strut". Any other Watters-Murphy tunes that would be considered
> absolutely essential for newbies to learn as an introduction to the West
> Coast repertoire?
> Thanks.
> --Sheik
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