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Sun Nov 28 09:45:33 PST 2004

Charlie Coleman wrote:

>Thanks to all for your response.   What an eclectic mix - all good music OKOM, MKOM and YKOM.   Now I'll have more titles to put on my Christmas wish list! 
>Hi Carol - Enjoyed your write-up on the COHJS fall harvest festival bash.   Don't be too much of a "lurker".    8<)   
>Hi Hans  and Michael - I'll have to transfer my Oscar Aleman LP to CD.   
>Regards,    Charlie Coleman
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I had a CD burned from some older Jump Label 78's made inthe '40's-'50's 
(some of which have been reissued on Allegheny label by Jope Boughton. 
My list included the trio of Eddie Miller, Geroge Van Epps and Stanley 
Wrightsman, and also the La Vere's chicago Loopers sides with Chuck 
Mackay, a neglected trumpeter who worked several years with my father's 
road band and was a protegee of the Teagarden clan,especially Charlie, 
his idol. Clyde Acker, who put out those marvelous Jump sides, did the 
jazz world a great favor at a time when you were lucky to find even 
reissues rather than any new recordings of jazz in the classic styles.
That was my holiday treat to myself. It went great with good food and 
some wonderful 18-year old single malt.  I may not be rich but you 
culdn't prove it this weekend.
Don Ingle

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