[Dixielandjazz] What's on your CD player RIGHT NOW

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sun Nov 28 00:21:27 PST 2004

For me, it's not what's on the CD player, but what's on my new IPod, or on my computer,
tho I did get a  cd player for my car, can also play MP3 - from my kids last Christmas.
(Ah, the toys that make retirement, even more,  fun!)
The Ipod makes it terribly easy to put a wealth of tunes into your pocket and take
them to a rehearsal to demostrate what you want - to the rest of the band.
I'm in the process of redoing a lot of the Anderson (and other) Fake book tunes in Sibelius,
I've collected a lot of samples on my computer, to check out the  tempi ( and "chordi").
When the price comes down on the computer loadable, music notepads, I'll pick up .one of those up too to
contain the computer generated "lead sheets."

 I'm in the process of setting up those many tunes I've transferred to my computer, to download 
to the ipod (2700 of them), many filched  from web sites, like tuxedojunction or redhotjazz,
-- others from my CDs.
(For that matter, my PDF lead sheets all contain "clickable"redhotjazz.com links to the tune
-- where possible.)

 RIght I'm now listening to the suggested Dukes of Dixie page, (Bye & Bye, at the moment)
but previously was listening to the tune I was putting into a lead sheet, -- "There Ain't No Sweet Man
Worth The Salt of My Tears" - Whiteman with Bix, and some friends and "Der Bingle mit das 
Rhythm Boys." - Wish I had a cut of Annette Hanshaw singing that one.
Previous one was a CD, Bill Allred's Band playing "Paducah Parade"., (-Malnack arr.) -- just switched to the
following site, while typing this....

I just stumbled on this good site with (this time, fully downloadable) realaudio
copies of Jazz "broadcasts"  In this case, you don't have to "cheat" to move the tunes
to your computer, they can be, as I said, "down-loaded".
Just listened to Shilkret's Orch (featuring Mike Mosiello) playing "Zulu Wail.'  now they're playing "I'm the Medicine Man For The Blues".

The site is Albert Haim's  http://ms.cc.sunysb.edu/~alhaim/index.html
The list of playable or "down-loadable": broadcasts is at the bottom of this page:
http://bixography.com/wbix.html - but there's a lot of other good stuff on the site

For Swing I go to http://www.tuxedojunction.net These too can be downloaded and
there's a wealth of really great groups on that site and those it links to.

For those sites that let you play but not download....
If you play realaudio on your computer, but have a copy of MusicMatch, you can play them on the REAL program and
simultaneously , record the realaudio (system mixer as the source) as an mp3 file (or wav, if you really must) 
then burn them to a cd or  download them to an IPod, or similar device..

Craig Johnson
Cornet/Alto Horn/Floooogle Horn - Kennebunk ME. ---  (Fore River J.B.)
(All my cornets are bought inexpensively,  2nd hand (E-Bay) - does that make them Frugalhorns?)

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