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Some of you might find this interesting...I did~

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Hi Bob,
This is Jeff Dorr, lurker on DJML who has Teddy Buckner's Selmer K-modified cornet. I thought I should write and tell you that I also have a video of Teddy playing your silver Benge on a program about jazz which is narrated by Al Hirt. The tape is loaned out to a friend right now so I can't actually tell you the name of it but if my memory serves me right (which it often doesn't) I think he is playing that horn. I also took videos and snapshots of Teddy laying in bed holding the Selmer he gave us and telling us stories about when he played with Hamp and Sidney Bechet and times he spent with Pops Armstrong. I remember that leather valve guard of yours, in fact, we took it off to look at the horn. We also got a plunger with TB hand carved in it, a play list from some gig, also a contract from a gig. He gave us a studio photo and wrote some nice stuff on it and gave us a couple of copies of his last LP which has him on the cover holding the Selmer cornet. In short, he was one wonderful guy. A real prince! Great horn player too. I only wish I would have taken the time to visit him more often. I live in Seattle and was busy raising my family so we didn't get down to the LA area very often. We did exchange Christmas cards and letters with Mini a bit. But after she passed Teddy had little reason to live. I miss him. 
If you're interested I can put together some pictures and stuff to share with you. Believe it or not Teddy was also backing up Elvis Presley on a couple of numbers in the movie King Creole. He's standing right behind Elvis with good film exposure. All these years I never knew that until I watched the film recently and was blown away! I'm rambling.....so I'll close. 
Talk to ya later, Jeff

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