[Dixielandjazz] Teddy Bucknre's cornet

Bob Romans cellblk7 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 24 19:13:27 PST 2004

Well, the cornet arrived, and plays GREAT, although I had to give it a thorough cleaning first! The bell is in deplorable condition...it was evidently dropped on the bell, and "someone" tried to take out/iron out the dent! Other than that...it's in very good condition! A Benge shepherd's crook, silver plated, original case plus two mouthpieces. One custom made, plus a Callichio.
Also included;
A mute with "TD" scratched on it.
A rubber plunger with same.
25 business cards.
A worn leather valve guard.
A leather cigar holder made in England
One cuff-link(shown on Bravo Bechet Buckner LP)
A note book of tunes.
A calendar book listing his gigs.
Four LPs...all in good condition...two of them in original shrink-rap.
1."Aircheck # 10",  broadcast on July 16, 1955 from Club Hangover in SF. Autographed by Teddy.
Mahogany Hall Stomp
I want To Linger
Dippermouth Blues
Bluin' The Blues
Tiger Rag
Dear Old Southland
SIDE 2, broadcast August 6, 1955 from same.
Big Butter and Egg Man
Twelfth St. Rag
Ain't Misbehavin'
Memphis Blues
Royal Garden Blues
Dear Old Southland
2. On CRESCENDO, (1976),Gene Norman Presents. Teddy Buckner and his Dixieland Jazz Band, also autographed.
!2th St. Rag
Snag It
Milenburg Joys
Winin' Boy
Farewell Blues
Dippermouth Blues
I've Found A New Baby
Feb. 21, 1978
That's How Jazz Was Born
Dr. Jazz
Sleepy Time Down South
New Orleans And A Rusty Old Horn
One(Chorus Line)
The Beautiful One
Sweet Georgia Brown
The Blues That Ain't The Blues
Pleas Don't Talk About Me...
4. "Aircheck # 10...unopened, exactly the same as number 1. above.
5. Empty LP cover, Bravo! BechetBuckner. All notes in French.
That's about it! Is there a Jazz Museum somewhere for this? He was one of the great ones!

Warm regards,
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