[Dixielandjazz] microphones for clarinet

Dave Washburn tootn4u at juno.com
Wed Nov 24 06:27:46 PST 2004

AMT makes a good mic. It is actually 2 mics. One is attached at the bell and the other at the side. The draw back is, as some one else mentioned, you can't get a way from the it. I like to "work" the mic a little. The Shure 57 is a good instrument mic and a little more directional than the ball types. I personally like AudioTechnica mics for vocal and instrument. (Prefer dynamic for vocal and condenser for instument)I set the mic on the side. At the end is OK if I can set up a few feet away and if the sound is set up well. But that is difficult in close quarters.

Dave in Dallas
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