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> I wanted to add one more thing.  I didn't really like a mike attached to the
> horn because you can't get away from it.  The only way you can vary volume
> is by playing softer or louder.  Not always the best way.  I like to have
> the option to get away from the mike too.
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>> Steve - It was probably one of those electret mikes from Radio shack.  I
>> used one for my tenor but stopped using it because it 1. marred the finish
>> and  2. the batteries were always down and they weren't particularly cheap
>> but the mike (I had 2) really wasn't shabby.  Electret and condenser mikes
>> are very high response mikes. (frequency range) and have the pre amp built
>> in.  They are really cheap actually.  They use them for conferences I
> think
>> they call them tie clip mikes.  It's been years since I have bought one
> but
>> I will guess they are in the $19- $29 range.  etc. (polite snip)

Yes, I agree. The mike at the theater in my original note was not clipped to
the horn either, it was clipped to the vocal mike stand about half way up.
Personally, I am not a fan of using a horn mike except where you have a very
large room, concert hall, or are outdoors with thousands in the audience.

I can blow clarinet fairly loudly and prefer that to the artificial sound of
blowing into a mike.

As an aside, Kenny Davern is amazingly loud when he has to be. Because his
first clarinet teacher, was a very authoritative gentlemen who had him play
in a coat closet full of coats until he could hear himself. I developed it
recently when starting to play again, by going out into my horse pasture
circa 1992 and trying to hear myself like you do when in a very live room.

Still nowhere near as loud as Kenny, but gaining :-) VBG.

Steve Barbone

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