[Dixielandjazz] Re: [Dixieland jazz] microphones for clarinet

Paul Edgerton paul.edgerton at eds.com
Mon Nov 22 17:57:26 PST 2004

Flip Oakes wrote:

>For clarinet, another very good one is the Sennheiser, I think the model
>is 440 or 441, I have one but the number is not marked on it? It's long and
The Sennheiser MD-441 is in fact one of the best dynamic microphones 
ever designed. It lists for $895.00, but you can often find it for about 
$680. Of course you could buy 6 to 8 SM-58s for that price -- or an 
entire portable PA system.

There are dozens of popular models that are good for  a clarinet, but 
the fact remains that 58s (and their equivalents) outsell everything 
else 20 to 1. What you plug the mic into matters more than which 
particular mic you use.

-- Paul Edgerton

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