[Dixielandjazz] Youth musicians at Sacramento

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 22 13:37:50 PST 2004

Dear Grace:

For an outstanding Youth Jazz Musician, might I suggest that you contact
Jonathan Russell at:


He doesn't come with a youth band, but he is an extraordinary players.

Short Bio:

Jonathan is 9 years old. (maybe 10 by 2005 Sacto)


He studies with Andy Stein, Johnny Frigo, Marc O'Conner and others, doing
classical and blue grass in addition to jazz. He is also starting to

He has played with "old boys" bands at Connecticut Jazz Festival, Hot Steam
Jazz Festival, and with youth bands at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

He has also played with "old boys" in New Orleans Night Clubs, New York City
Night Clubs, On the Riverfront in Wilmington Delaware, and at International
Equestrian Events and Street Festivals in Pennsylvania

Old Boys he has played with include: Jazz Vipers, Pearl Django, Grove Street
Stompers, Hot Club of New Orleans, Galvanized Jazz Band, Bearcats, Paris
Washboard, Igor's Jazz Cowboys, Chicago Six, Various Ed Polcer Bands, Dan
Levinson Bands and a several others.

Oh yes, he also did about 5 gigs with my band, The Barbone Street Jazz Band,
in 2004. I can personally state that he "Wows" the audience. We are
currently lining up PAYING GIGS for him with us in 2005. Hopefully to
include several large Modern Jazz Festivals where we will play DIXIELAND.

You'd have to travel his parents out there also should you book him. BUT, it
would be well worth it. Maybe you could get an angel or two to help out with
the expense of bringing this wonderful young player to Sacto?

Heck, even I'd contribute a buck or two to give this young man a chance to
play with the big boys in Sacramento.

Steve Barbone 

grace perrine <gtp7 at cox.net> wrote:


I am the Youth Band coordinator for the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. I have held
this voluntary position for 13 years.  The Youth Band line up has gone from
a few California bands to 16 bands from all over the US and Canada.  We have
had as many as 25 bands but have cut back in light of the budget tightening
measures we are experiencing.  We have bands from Middle Schools, High
Schools and Colleges.

I wonder if you would spread the word that I am always looking for young
musicians playing music of the first 50 years of jazz (1890-1940) in a combo
format of no more than ten people.  We pay them a travel stipend, give them
free housing for the Jubilee, a Musician's badge and comp, drink and food
tickets and a free Musicians shirt.  Directors tell me the band they take
home on Monday isn't the band they brought on Thursday; the growth is


Grace Perrine
Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Youth Band Coordinator

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