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Mon Nov 22 12:49:12 PST 2004

For clarinet, another very good one is the Sennheiser, I think the model is
440 or 441, I have one but the number is not marked on it? It's long and

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Flip Oakes
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on 11/22/04 12:23 PM, Paul Edgerton at paul.edgerton at eds.com wrote:

> The best microphone for the clarinet is the one that's turned up the
> loudest!
> Okay I'm kidding about that, sort of. Really, there a lot of good cheap
> microphones. The overall quality and physical setup of the rest of the
> sound system is actually just as important. By that I mean, using a
> great  microphone won't improve a crummy PA, but using crummy mics
> guarantee that the rest of the system will sound crummy.
> Look on the stage at any concert, big or small, and you're more likely
> to see a Shure SM-57 or SM-58 than anything else. If those mics are okay
> for a 50,000 watt stadium system, they are also be okay for an 800
> dollar portable PA. Those two mics are essentially identical except that
> the 58 has a pop filter making it more suitable for vocals. Both are
> widely available for $100 or less.
> There are plenty of knockoffs of the same design under various names,
> including (believe it or not) Radio Shack.
> My advice as a clarinet player and as a college-educated sound man is to
> buy 58s and pay attention to the rest of the system.
> -- Paul Edgerton
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