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Hi Bill.
The tune is neither in the Anderson Fake Book, nor the JSP Hoagy set. [%^(


At 11:09 AM 11/21/2004 +1100, Bill Haesler wrote:
>Dear friends,
>Can anyone help with the original words for Hoagy Carmichael's "Eventide".
>I have transcribed them from the 18 May 1936 Louis Armstrong record (as best
>I can) as under, but suspect that Louis, as usual, has put his own spin on
>I do not have any later vocal versions of the song.
>Kind regards,
>"Ev'ntide" (1936. Hoagy Carmichael)
>Ev'ntide, brings me rest
>Time of day that I like best
>When you grin, just roll on in
>The robin's in his nest.
>Ev'ntide, that speaks of love
>That's the word I've been thinking of
>Watching that [beautiful] sunset in the west
>Oh, the dreams I'm dreamin'.
>Ev'nin', someone waits for me
>Ev'nin', 'neath the wildwood tree
>Oh, ev'nin' and I'll soon be there
>Lovin' my sweet [chickadee?], with all my heart.
>Ev'ntide, brings down the night
>'n hang the moon up high. And bright
>'cause ev'ntide 
>I've fallen in love. Buba baba ba do, ba zlet.
>Note: 'beautiful' in the 3rd line of the 2nd part above seems to have been
>added by Louis, as it doesn't scan very well.
>The same applies to what sounds to me like 'chikadee' in the last line of
>the 3rd part.
>And how does one transcribe Louis' scats?????
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