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Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Thu Nov 18 14:38:19 PST 2004

I am a little late on this one but I just got home from some time off 
and I can't resist writing when Teddy Buckner's name comes up.

It would seem that he isn't very widely known or appreciated but my 
interest in him began in the late l950's when I heard his version of 
Chinatown My Chinatown on a local Vancouver BC radio program. The DJ, 
Jack Cullen, also had a record shop and he brought the record, a 12 
inch, red, slightly opaque LP, in from Seattle for me. I played that LP 
until it didn't have any sound left in it.

I also saw and heard him at Disneyland several times over the following 
years but always had kids with me and was never allowed to sit and enjoy.

I presently have 2 of his CD's. The first a tribute to Louis Armstrong 
which has some of the tunes from the afore mentioned LP and the second 
recorded with Sidney Bechet in France in l958.

If any one knows of other CD's by Teddy, specially the l955 Dixieland 
Jubilee LP, I would be interested. Along with Chinatown My Chinatown it 
had, IMO, maybe the best version of Chimes Blues I have heard.

If I remember correctly my first LP purchase was Dixie By Dorsey, my 
second Satch Plays Fats and my third Teddy Buckner's Dixieland Jubilee 
LP. He is still one of my favorites.

My attention is instantly engaged when I see his name pop up.

Len Nielsen

James Kashishian wrote:
> I
> Bob Romans wrote:
> In the early sixties a friend of mine and I used to go to a restaurant in
> West Covina, California, and listen to Teddy Buckner and his band.
> I understand he was in the movie, "The Five Penny's", along with Satchmo. 
> I've mentioned before that I spent 3 nites a week in the Beverly Caverns  in
> Los Angeles in the late 50's listening to Teddy Buckner.  The other 4 nites
> I was busy with our "young band" playing at the Roug et Noir in Seal Beach
> (the South Frisco).  
> Teddy was a fantastic horn man, an excellent band leader & entertainer.  He
> was extremely friendly with everyone around him, including his band members.
> Great memories!  I picked up a lot of ideas from him, both commercially &
> musically.
> Yes, he was in Five Pennies, and was often used in films when they couldn't
> afford Satchmo (Teddy looked a bit like him).  
> Good to see his name mentioned again.
> Jim
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