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The ABC referred to here is the "Australian Broadcasting Corporation". I
think Parker's stuff was coming out on this label before the British
Broadcasting Corporation issued some of them.
Some people did not like the "stereoization" (what a word) but the clarity
that parker produced was incredble.
I think he was made an offer he couldn't refuse for his tecnique from
somebody like Sony.
Bill H knows a lot more about this than I do.

Phil O'Rourke

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> Hi folks. The current Worlds Records quarterly hard-copy supplement has a
> sale of
> "ABC Vintage Jazz cds"--$7.00 each, good basic collections at a great
> All compiled and transfered by an Australian jazz expert, record collector
> and audio engineer, Robert Parker. These things went out of print years
> ago. 16 tracks per CD.
> Parker developed a system of stereoizing classic jazz records, had a
> regular program on public radio someplace where he played his
> stereoizations, released a bunch of compilations on BBC label. BBC stopped
> producing them, and ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) took them over.
> Ultimately he issued more on his own label, and I haven't seen hide nor
> hair of him in years.
> You may or may not like the idea of messing with the old records, let
> the final product; on the other hand you might like hearing your favorite
> records in sorta-stereo. Whatever. I usually bought Parker CDs, like
> listening to them on headphones, have played some over my band PA (on
> they sound good) during breaks.
> --Sheik
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