[Dixielandjazz] Bach (and maybe OKOM) Beats Britney and Eminem

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 16 13:09:30 PST 2004

"Classical Music Making Inroads Against Today's Pop Sensations Among Teens."

This was the intriguing "headline" in the Family Section of The Daily Local,
West Chester PA's newspaper.

Followed by: "It seems teenagers  today are developing more discriminating
tastes in music. And with 20 and 30 something internationally known
performers such as Joshua Bell and Hilary Hahn, classical music is growing
in popularity among young people."

Hmmm. What's that all about?

The story was about  the filming of a CBS TV segment for "The Early Show".
The theme is the growing teenage trend towards classical music. CBS had
found a West Chester group of 7 teenage musicians (female) who were into
classical music by surfing the web and once there, invited them to be a part
of the upcoming show. The group is called Volante.

Some interesting snips from the kids:

1) "We like classical music because it is more complex than pop."

2) "We didn't realize that liking it was a trend."

Some interesting snips from their high school music instructors.

1) "It starts at home with the parents."

2) "The music industry seems to be fostering the interests of young people."

3) "Today's classical musicians are interested in relating to the kids
because their usual audience is aging and dying off."

4) "The musicians are very accessible and love to talk with the kids."

5) "Interest in strings has gone through the roof among young students."

What does all this portend for OKOM?

Maybe nothing, but then, maybe a helluva lot. IF . . . WE, musicians and
program producers alike, RELATE to the younger generation.

There is a vast unfulfilled marketing need for GOOD MUSIC out there. You've
heard me preach that for several years. I am fortunate enough to be Band
Marketing Oriented and as a result of consciously trying to fill that need,
have developed a very successful band, playing Dixieland and Swing to YOUNG
AUDIENCES who love it, once they hear it.

It is really not difficult to do, but it did take a few years.

So, start now. "Just do it". Play where the kids are. Talk to them, mentor
them and the next thing you know, you too will be a part of the trend among
today's kids that is moving them towards the appreciation of good music. And
that means OKOM too.

Whether you think you can, or think you cannot, you are right.

Steve Barbone

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