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How to become a very good player.

This is a question I get from students from time to time. I might break it
down like this.Classical or jazz it is more or less the same.

Formal study on your instrument with a master teacher who specializes in
this. (Without chops you will always be a amateur. Chops and no soul you are
just a robot. No chops, no soul, you are just a fool. Paraphrase Horawitz)

Learn and memorize the repertoire.

Work on ear training, allot.

Formal study in musical rudiments, history, harmony etc.
Great players know what they are doing. In the old days, talent and
repertoire could carry the day. Those days are over.

Always rehearse, good musicians sound like very good musicians when the band
is well rehearsed.

Score study

Practice daily
-scales, chords etc

Work on your musical philosophy, and your internal life so that you will
have something to say.

Listen to music all the time, go to concerts and hear the best, hang out.

I summarize it like this to students:
1. Learn your instruments to the point that you can play whatever comes into
your thoughts.
2. Work on your thoughts, cause good players think good thoughts, great
players are profound.

best regards,

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> Attn---Very good players
> I don't need to define what constitutes a very good player.
> My question will provide sufficient definition.
> A very good player was at one time a "good" player.
> The question is----What special effort did you do to elevate
> to the "very" good level?
> Ken Gates
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