[Dixielandjazz] RE: European Jazz Fests

Phil Crumley pcrumley at compuserve.com
Mon Nov 15 14:54:53 PST 2004

Steve Barbone wrote:

>My vote for the best one to take your bride to is Ascona. Then work your
trip around that if you want more. Beautiful location, GREAT JAZZ.

Jerry, if you decide to go to this one please stop by and say hello to me
and my band, Natural Gas Jazz Band.  We will be playing at the Ascona Fest
on June 24-28 next year.  Good friend and outstanding cornetist Bob Barnard
from Australia is on the list of performers also.  The Ascona website
should have a complete listing before long..   www.jazzascona.ch

Phil Crumley
Natural Gas Jazz Band

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