[Dixielandjazz] Colony Record Shop was Commodore Record Shop

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 11 08:30:38 PST 2004

The Colony, on 49th Street at the edge of Times Square, NYC is a worthy
successor to the Commodore. The staff there is very knowledgeable. Though
much larger than the Commodore, they know exactly where every thing is.

Last time I was there, bass player Chuck Traeger had asked me to pick up a
Dave Frishberg album with "My Attorney Bernie" on it. He wanted to give it
to his attorney.

I was immediately directed to the spot where it was and the right CD, from
memory by a counterman.

Traeger whom some may know of, had played with Sidney Bechet and Bunk
Johnson circa 1947 in a group led by Bob Wilber. He also was one of the
house bassists at Nick's for years, playing with Tony Spargo (Sparbaro), Pee
Wee Irwin, Billy Maxted, Miff Mole, Andy Russo, Billy Butterfield., Hank
D'Amico, Kenny John, Lee Gifford, Sal Pace, Bobby Hackett, Yank Lawson, Bob
Haggart, Kenny Davern and a host of other OKOMers in the 40's, 50's and
60's. He also played at Condon's from time to time with that gang.

He was my best musical pal in those years. Both he and I also worked with
Dave Frishberg when he was "Davey", a teenager just beginning his musical
journey. Dave swung like crazy then in a Dixieland genre. When asked by a
wealthy dowager at a society party we played on Long Island, circa 1956,
whether he wanted to become a band leader like "Lanin", he replied. "No, I
just want to play the music." He later moved from the Village to the left
coast and went on to fame and fortune as a song writer, singer and pianist.

Chuck later moved to the Catskills in NY State and worked 6 nights a week
for 20 years or so, at Brown's and other resorts there in order to make a
living when jazz work became sparse. He is in his mid 70s, now retired and
still living in the woods in Yulan NY, with wife June.

Steve Barbone  

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