[Dixielandjazz] Them damn gremlins!

Vachesr at aol.com Vachesr at aol.com
Wed Nov 10 07:55:50 PST 2004

Hi  Clarrie--As they say  in Brooklyn, "Hows  by  you?"  The  Brooklyn
Cajuns, that  is.   Either  them damn gremlins  are bugging  my  computer
again,  or  somebody  up  (or out)  there   hates me.  Once again  my  notes 
to  the mail  list--esprcially those  that politely  offer  information
about  my books--somehow  get  lost.    Gee!  All  I'm  doing  is  asking
for  a  little recogmition.
             Allan is back  in Orlando,  after a stint in Arizona.  Warren  
this morning  for  an extended swing  until  Mov.25th.  I think  both  will
be  on hand for  that birthday  party  my good friends  are  giving  me  at
"Shanghai Jazz<"  on the 30th.  I hope so.  Wish  you  and  Alice could make 
it.  After  all,  I'll  only  be  90  once.
             All  for  now.   I  wonder  if  the  gremlins  will   pass  

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