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Steve barbone wrote:

>Perhaps not as well known by OKOMers as other musos. However He did play
>with Red Norvo and is well known (or should be) in California, if not
>Note, as Phil Woods opined in "Downbeat", Jolly had to make his "living"
>commercially. Note also that he was of "Italian" extraction. :-) VBG.
>Steve Barbone 
>November 9, 2004 - NY TIMES - By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
>Pete Jolly, 72, Keyboardist in Jazz and TV, Is Dead
>LOS ANGELES (AP) - Pete Jolly, a keyboardist who was a regular on the
>Southern California jazz scene for 40 years and whose playing was heard on
>some of television's most popular theme songs, died on Saturday in Pasadena.
>He was 72.
>The cause was complications of bone marrow cancer and irregular heartbeat,
>The Los Angeles Times reported.
>Mr. Jolly, whose composition "Little Bird" was nominated for a Grammy Award
>in 1963, formed the Pete Jolly Trio in 1964 with the drummer Nick Martinis
>and the bassist Chuck Berghofer. The group continued to play Southern
>California clubs until Mr. Jolly was hospitalized in August.
>Mr. Jolly, who played piano, organ and accordion, was heard on television
>theme songs including "Get Smart," "The Love Boat," "I Spy," Mannix,"
>"Dallas" and "M*A*S*H," as well as on hundreds of movie soundtracks,
>including "The Man With the Golden Arm" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance
>His recordings included "The Sensational Pete Jolly Gases Everybody" (1963),
>"Strike Up the Band" (1980) and "Yeah!" (1995). His last album,
>"Collaboration," was recorded with the Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren and
>released in 2001.
>Born Peter Ceragioli Jr. in New Haven, Conn., Mr. Jolly began playing the
>accordion at 3. At 7, he appeared on the coast-to-coast radio broadcast
>"Hobby Lobby," on which the announcer mispronounced his name as "Pete
>Mr. Jolly, whose father was also a musician, began playing in bands in
>junior high school. Over the years, he worked with jazz stars including
>Buddy DeFranco, Red Norvo and Art Pepper.
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Re: Pete Jolly
Jean and I used to drive over Laurel Canyon from the Valley on my night 
off and listen to Pete Jolly playing with either Leroy Vinegar or Red 
Mitchell on bass, and sit by the bar around the piano and soak up some 
wonderful piano jazz.
While my tastes usually run to stride and left handed styles, Pete Jolly 
had a wonderfully "Full" sound and drew upon alternate chords and 
haromonies that were still well within the inspiration and intent of the 
original composer. Respect sums it up. A very tasty player, and his  
piano/bass duo played so smooth and full that you could almost hear 
woodwinds in the background.
A large loss. And another chapter of our own life closes. Hope it is a 
large book.
Don Ingle

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