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Sat Nov 6 20:02:27 PST 2004

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robert at ringwald.com writes:

> >Dear Friends,
> >
> >If you haven't finalized your choices for this year's Grammy's, I hope you
> >will consider giving us your support for our latest CD, "2 The Max!" by 
> >Bill
> >Allred's Classic Jazz Band. With your help, we could get into the final
> >nominations.
> >
> >"2 The Max" is entered in two fields:
> >FIELD 10  Category 48 (#009) Best Jazz Instrumental Album
> >FIELD 27 Category 89 (#260) Best Engineered Album (Andy de Ganahl)
> >
> >Thanks very much for your consideration!
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >
> >Charlie Bertini
> >Producer &trumpeter: "2 The Max

Folks: & Charlie

Unless any of you are registered members of the voting membership of  NARAS 
this means absolutely nothing, although it is a valiant effort on the part of 

The Grammy's like almost everything else in this business is a tightly 
controlled group of the insiders of the Entertainment Industry primarily involved in 
the recording process.

Being a member and supporter of the DJML or a local Jazz Society has no merit 
or clout whatsoever.   

If you do not currently receive a ballot from the NARAS organization as an 
eligible voting member there is absolutely nothing you can do but root for 
Charlie and the Band.


Tom Wiggins
Who Will vote for them for the cause of OKOM, and I have not even heard the 
CD project.
So maybe Charlie accomplished his mission, even though I probably would have 
seen them on the list of nominees and voted for them anyway just out of 
general principle.

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