Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 6 16:43:00 PST 2004

Just got back from the first day of playing at the Dover Downs Wine & Jazz
Festival, Dover Delaware. (A commute for me, going back tomorrow)

What an amazing transformation from what it was when it started 3 years ago.
Maybe Barbone Street had some influence? We've played all 3 so far. Not only
that, but the Casino folks threw beads, and put a string in everyone's
little bag of goodies upon entering the area. Hmmmmmmm.

In 2002, we were the ONLY Dixieland Band among 7 smooth jazz bands and one
straight ahead group. In 2003 there were two Dixieland Bands. In 2004?

Let's see.

1) Barbone Street (both days - main stage)
2) DJMLer David Littlefield's Sheiks of Jazz - lobby stage
3) Mike Flaherty's Dixieland Direct - lobby stage (w/Hennig Hoehne)
4) Harry Frank Watters & The New Orleans Duo - lobby stage

Other performers were smooth jazzers "Sketches" on the main stage, Latin
Jazz / Dance Group "Tito Puente Jr.", on the main stage and flutist Keith
Marks in the brunch area.

Gosh, in three short years, this small wine and jazz festival at the Dover
Downs Casino and Convention Center has become OKOM oriented. A change from
its smooth jazz orientation originally. All this in a GENERAL AUDIENCE VENUE
where half the 2000 attendees are jazz oblivious.

According to the Food and Beverage Director, based upon 2002 and 2003, the
audience likes OKOM the best. WHAT???

This is an interesting combination of food, wine & music. Wine tasting, food
tasting, seminars, cooking demonstrations, special brunches etc., all with
jazz ambience in 3 venues in the Hotel & attached Convention Center. Now, if
we could only get something going there when 150,000 NASCAR race fans attend
the Dover 500.

Who says OKOM can't make it with regular folks, including rednecks? :-) VBG

Hey Wiggins, how about stirring up business at all those wineries in Napa,
Sonoma and Mendicino?

Carpe Diem! 

Steve Barbone

PS. Sheik. Good to see you. (we live 150 miles apart and only see each other
occasionally) Hope we both do this one again next year.

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