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Fri Nov 5 11:55:03 PST 2004

Don't miss this group if you are visiting New York City.


Euphonic Sounds
Radical Pop Music From The Ragtime Era
Celebrating Music From Their New Stomp Off CD
Thursday, November 18th 8 to 11 PM
Cajun Restaurant 
129 Eighth Ave. (near NW corner of 16th St.)
Reservations: 212-691-6174

The Manhattan Ragtime Orchestra is a brand new eight-piece group that was
formed this year by world-renowned clarinetist Orange Kellin to play classic
rags and other related forgotten American popular music from the ragtime
era, approximately 1900 - 1920.  Like working bands of the classic era, the
MRO actually plays a variety of music of which so-called classic ragtime -
the kind associated with the great Scott Joplin and his contemporaries - is
only one part. The band's slogan, "Radical Pop Music From The Ragtime Era",
sums things up neatly. The ragtime era was a freewheeling, tremendously
exciting time in American music, full of wild invention and surprise.
Ragtime, ragtime-flavored pop songs, blues, Latin American dance rhythms,
jazz, concert and marching brass band set pieces, and various faux exotica
(the Oriental foxtrot craze, for example) were just a few of the
ingredients. Furthermore, just as it is today, pop music was based very much
on dance - the unique and compelling beat that is America's contribution to
the world.  

MRO has already appeared, to great acclaim, for one week at the prestigious
Bern Jazz Festival, where the audiences were delighted and surprised by the
unusual sounds of what was once cutting edge popular music in the US.

The orchestra is comprised of some of the most outstanding and well-known
musicians in New York City that specialize in vintage jazz. They all have
made their names recording prolifically in various contexts and have
extensive credentials playing major festivals, radio, television, motion
picture sound tracks, and frequent worldwide touring.

The members are:

Skye Steele, violin, Jon-Erik Kellso, trumpet, Orange Kellin, clarinet, Brad
Shigeta, trombone, John Gill, banjo & guitar, Terry Waldo, piano, Conal
Fowkes, bass, Rob Garcia, drums


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