[Dixielandjazz] Joe Bushkin R.I.P.

George Thurmond gmthur at delrio.com
Sat Nov 6 09:02:47 PST 2004

        Sorry to read Barbone's post on the passing of Joe Buskin.  He was a
great one, not only with swing big bands, but with Chicago style jazz
groups.  But of all the bands he played with mentioned in the Times obit, no
mention was made by the author of his being the pianist on most of the
"Immortal 16" recordings of the Muggsy Spanier Ragtime Band in 1939.  He
composed the piano intro to "Relaxin' at the Touro" - the first bar of which
identifies the song to OKOM fans as much as the piano intro to "New York,
New York" immediately lets most of the world know that piece!  Listen to
Muggsy's "Bluin' the Blues" for one more sample of Bushkin's talent.

        BTW I wonder if Bushkin was the last surviving member of the Ragtime
Band's musicians on those 16 records?

George Thurmond

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