[Dixielandjazz] Jonathan Russell, 9 year old Jazz Violinist

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 3 12:57:02 PST 2004

List mates:

Just heard that 9 year old jazz violinist Jonathan Russell won a national
competition sponsored by the American String Teachers Association. (ASTA)

He won a first prize in the "under 13 division". Not sure of which of the
following categories he won. 1) Best Improv, 2) Best Groove, 3) Best Style,
4) Best Musicianship.

Jonathan and family are going to Reno sometime in February to pick up the
$500 prize and to perform. Some BIG names in violin education will be there
as will some great players, including Regina Carter.

As you know. JR has performed frequently with Barbone Street and is a crowd
pleaser. Maybe one of the West Coast Jazz Societies could piggyback on his
visit and get him another paying performance gig r two while he is out your

Google search for <Jonathan Russell> for more info about him. We love
performing with him and have great respect for his talent at 9 years old.
Your audience will also. Don't miss this opportunity to book him.

Steve Barbone

Hey Steve-

Guess what-Jonathan just won a national competition!!ASTA (American
Strung Teachers Assn), which is known through the US and has held
classical competitions for many years, added an "alternative styles"
competition (Mark O'Connor has done wonders for fiddle and jazz)two
years ago. This year, they had an elementary division (13 and
under)-easy competition- send in a tape, no final rounds. 4 categories,
one winner in each- Best groove, Improv, Musicianship and Style. We got
word on Saturday that he won,but they didn't say which category. So, now
we go tp the ASTA conference in Reno in february, he collects his prize
money ($500) and performs at the awards ceremony. All the big names in
jazz violin education will be there, and Regina Carter is performing
that night. Talk about exposure for my kid!!

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