[Dixielandjazz] Thats Why The Call Me Shine

PATRICK LADD pj.ladd at btinternet.com
Wed Nov 3 04:07:40 PST 2004

We can speculate all we want about "pipe" meaning "look at" but that doesn't
make any sense at all given the actual wording >>

Hi Steve,
sorry, but I think it makes perfect sense. The previous words lead into it. 
`they call me `chocolate,` sometimes `Hey!  Rastus` and then these guys say 
`Look at Sambo` or `Pipe the Shine`.
I too remember Leo Gorcey using the phrase `Pipe that broad`
It strikes me that given the propensity of the black race to dress flashily 
it is a not difficult to accept that that a group would make such  comment 
on a passing person much as we might have said (in our younger days) `Hey, 
Dig those gams`( for the benefit of the younger listmembers that means `Look 
at those legs`)
Your comment that blacks had better things to do than protest about being 
`looked at` reinforces my contention that it is not a `protest` song at all. 
It is just what it presents itself as, a song about a bright, outgoing guy 
that passersby recognise in a friendly way. It is all very well trying to 
make a connection between someone who happened to be the companion of 
someone who was beaten up but it is pretty tenuous There is no reference to 
such a thing apart from the somewhat spurious connection of the name.



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