[Dixielandjazz] Music light

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Wed Mar 31 11:04:19 PST 2004

Sometimes one needs an emergency music (or whatever) light.

Walden Books carries the smallest reading light I've seen--I picked up a
couple over the weekend. Cyclops "Book Owl Clip", with an LED bulb they
claim never needs replacing; uses a watch battery. Just clips on to a book.
Very lightweight. Flexible neck, good clamp. Fits readily into an
instrument case or pocket. $10.00.

Ever have to change a banjo string in very dim light? It'll clip onto your
glasses hat visor, even the peghead.

The light is not quite bright enough to be comfortable for a whole reading
gig, but it's workable.

A lightweight book light that's more suitable for reading gigs is made by
Zelco. I got several from Costco and my danceband uses them regularly. It
comes with a battery pack as well as a transformer, so you'd carry it in
your junk I mean equipment bag. The light itself slips onto a book--it's
got a long, very light cord that plugs into the power sources, so you can
lay the latter on the floor. Costs under $25.00. 


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