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Ron L'Herault lherault at bu.edu
Wed Mar 31 08:40:50 PST 2004

I had a look at Sheik's fake books when I met him at the recent Banjo Bash
in Mansfield MA.  Boy do his books look great!  They made me wish that I
could read music instead of just "spell notes" !

Ron L

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The books on Craig's list look worthy.
I'm going to add my forthcoming "Dixieland Fake Book Vol. 2" to the list,
because it's largely transcribed from the records, and includes the rest of
the 1923 Olivers not in DixFB vol. 1, Hot5-7s, Red Hot Peppers, Johnny
Dodds '26-28, etc. Lots of fodder for study.

Dunno when it will be out, but most tunes are at least mostly done, so it
shouldn't be too many months, depending on how long it takes to solve some
problems... You can check progress (and contents) on
click on Books, click on the title.


At 02:56 PM 3/26/2004 -0500, Craig Johnson wrote:
>A while ago someone asked for a book of jazz breaks. I joined in with
>others pointing out that the best way to learn the trad or any jazz style
>that matter is to listen. However, I also pointed out that I have fiddled a
>little with some books I found decades ago.
>Search on google for "125 Jazz Breaks"
>one link that showed up is:
>Another links showed a list of books on Louis among which were the
>Songbooks and Sheet Music
>Grigson, L. 1992. Louis Armstrong Study Album. (trumpet). London: Novello.
>Dingley, B., ed. date unknown. Essential Jazz Editions - Set #2: Louis
>Armstrong, 1926-1929. (jazz ensemble). Randy Sandke, trans. Published by
>Warner Brothers.
>author unknown. 1961. A Jazz Master. New York. [20 solos]
>Castle, L. 1947. Louis Armstrong's Immortal Trumpet Solos. New York.
>Persson, B., transcriber. 1927. 125 Jazz Breaks for Cornet. Chicago:
>Music Co.
>Persson, B., transcriber. 1927. Louis Armstrong's 50 Hot Choruses for
>Cornet. Chicago: Melrose Music Co.

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