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Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Tue Mar 30 12:28:47 PST 2004

I agree with Sue. If a project is launched it would be good to select a
site that seems most vital to jazz history, is affordable, has potential
for the kind of uses that you envision, etc.

Jack Stewart is probably the best person to ask about the possibilities. I
don't have contact info but I'm sure that it could be gotten from the Jazz
Archive, 504-865-5688. Jack will also be speaking on the free program at
the Old Mint/Jazz Museum (400 block of Decatur, entrance facing Esplanade)
on Friday the 16th sponsored by the NOIMC (New Orleans International Music

I've learned that my book on jazz in postwar New Orleans will receive an
award at the program luncheon. It's the Henry Kmen Award for Excellence in
Jazz Writing. I'm really thrilled because NOIMC is a savvy group that knows
the music and the culture and because Hank Kmen was a friend and mentor
when his landmark Music of New Orleans was published in the mid-50s. Hank
was also a fine sax & clarinet player. We shared many a bandstand and had
great conversations during breaks and after the gig.

Charlie Suhor

>Jack Stewasrt>The Bulls' Club isn't the only jazz landmark in N'Awlins that
>needs help --
>the Halfway House stands derelict after a fire that happened a few years ago.
>The building can be restored, but as in the case of the Bulls, no one has
>stepped up with money.
>If enough of y'all come down here for French Quarter Fest, we should get a
>DJML pub crawl together after the official event!
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