[Dixielandjazz] Re: 'Ringside At Condons' (was Davison)

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sat Mar 27 16:08:06 PST 2004

Dear Charles,
Sorry to have seemingly ignored your earlier request.
This week has been hectic - and I was hoping to catch up on last week's
The 'Ringside At Condons' material from 10 Dec 1951, 1 Jan 1952, 28 Jan 1952
and 25 Feb 1952 comprising 16 titles (including a medley of 3) was
originally released on two 10" LPs (Savoy MG15029 and MG15030).
Also released on two 10" English (and Australian) London LPs.
A subsequent Savoy 12" LP (MG12055) reissued 14 of the tunes, leaving off
"The One I Love" and "Riverboat Shuffle".
A later Savoy 2LP set (SJL2229) released as 'The Individualism of Wild Bill
Davison') reissued the original 16 titles plus 9 titles from a Wild Bill
session from 'Storyville', Boston (7 Nov 1951).
I have Vol 1 of the London 10" LP set and the 2LP Wild Bill set (SJL2229).
I also have a CD (Savoy Jazz SV-0231). A 1993 Japanese Columbia CD with 11
tracks (including the medley of 3). Therefore 13 tunes. Missing are "Just
The Blues (Blues for 1951)", "The One I Love" and "Riverboat Shuffle" from
the original LP 'set'. I would expect that by now this CD is no longer
However, all may not be lost!
The French 'Chronogical [sic] Classics' series (available from Worlds
Records and DJMLer Jazz Jerry) has just announced the forthcoming 'Eddie
Condon 1951-1953' in their excellent series. The titles have not been
published yet, but hopefully will include all the Savoy material.
The 'Classics' policy is to only reissue original records (78/LP) and
usually, but not always, avoids 'radio/film/TV' material.
Although the Savoy 'Ringside at Condons' sides were from club broadcasts I
suspect that, as they were issued on a recognised LP label, they could be
included on the new 'Classics' Condon CD.
We can only hope so.
Very kind regards,

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