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Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Fri Mar 26 14:56:09 PST 2004

A while ago someone asked for a book of jazz breaks. I joined in with
others pointing out that the best way to learn the trad or any jazz style
that matter is to listen. However, I also pointed out that I have fiddled a
little with some books I found decades ago.
1. 125 Jazz Breaks for trumpet - Louis Armstrong
2. Transcriptions of some of Louis' solos. with piano accompaniment.
I do believe that there is a certain amount of value to such printed
if no more than putting some notes in front of of you that represent what
are hearing -- if you have the proper records.
 A google search for "125 Jazz Breaks" turned up some interesting links on
web in cluding the first one following and also the list of book references
taken from
one of the other sites the google search found. I also bumped into another
book of
jazz breaks attributed to Benny Goodman in the process. I am not familiar
with that.

Rather than lecturing again on the importance of listening I give here a
little of what I
found, hoping it will be of some use, expecially for the younger folk here
who may not
have acquired a vast library of old records to listen to.

I hope this is of some use to someone.
Craig Johnson
Cornet - Fore River Jazz Band -- Portland ME area
"Never leave a tern un-stoned." (They poop on you.)

Search on google for "125 Jazz Breaks"
one link that showed up is:

Another links showed a list of books on Louis among which were the
Songbooks and Sheet Music
Grigson, L. 1992. Louis Armstrong Study Album. (trumpet). London: Novello.

Armstrong, L. date unknown. "What A Wonderful World." (piano/vocal/chords).
Published by Hal Leonard.

Armstrong, L. and S. Allen. date unknown. "Cool Yule (Medley)." (choral).
Kirby Shaw, arr. Published by Hal Leonard.

Armstrong, L., G. D. Weiss, and B. Thiele. date unknown. "What a Wonderful
World." (instrumental-solo/ensemble). Jack Lamb, ed. Published by Warner

Dingley, B., ed. date unknown. Essential Jazz Editions - Set #2: Louis
Armstrong, 1926-1929. (jazz ensemble). Randy Sandke, trans. Published by
Warner Brothers.

author unknown. 1961. A Jazz Master. New York. [20 solos]

Castle, L. 1947. Louis Armstrong's Immortal Trumpet Solos. New York.

Persson, B., transcriber. 1927. 125 Jazz Breaks for Cornet. Chicago: Melrose
Music Co.

Persson, B., transcriber. 1927. Louis Armstrong's 50 Hot Choruses for
Cornet. Chicago: Melrose Music Co.

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