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> >However, like Al Levy I find myself becoming more tolerant. As the 
> tourists
> >drive by my house in the summer at midnight with their car windows open and
> >the DBs
> >at top scream I am inclined to join in to the rhythm. punctuating the 1st
> >and 3rd beats with the sultry thump of a shotgun.
> >
> >After reading the above, I fully expect someone to say: "Tell us how you
> >feel, Craig.."
> >

This suddenly reminded me of the funniest recording session I think I ever 
did,  I was producing an album for a country group  named "Go For Broke" and 
they had written a song about San Angelo Texas, and how the singer had fallen in 
love with a young lady there and her father did not want anything to do with 
the likes of him.  The father ran him off and out of San Angelo forever and the 
last thing you heard on the record was the shotgun firing two shots in sync 
with the song and exactly at the right time.

I played Remington semi automatic 12 guage Shotgun on that recording and did 
it perfectly in one take,  ( Now that folks is good timing by a drummer with 
no rehearsal and no chance for a second take if you get it wrong since we were 
recording in the city limits and the Police would not look kindly on me for 
disharging a firearm in the city limits.)


Tom Wiggins

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