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Farewell to Storyville (aka The good Time Flat Blues)

Written by: Clarence & Spencer Williams - 1925

Noted recordings of this song by:

Maggie Jones with Louis Armstrong-cnt and Fletcher Henderson-pno  1924
Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band  1946
The New Hot Frogs (Pat Yankee voc)  1992
The Silver Leaf Jazz Band 1993
Several more recent covers after...

The Storyville Blues

Listed as PD-Traditional by GHB and Good Time Jazz recordings as done by
Turk and FH5+2

Other recordings of note:

Bunk Johnson & His Superior Jazz Band (with George Lewis) 1942
Turk Murphy 1950
FH5 1958

I have several other covers of this song in my library as well. I LOVE to
play this song and at times is my favorite depending on my mood.  OKOM for
I  hope you realize these are two distinctly different songs.  The Storyville 
Blues is our band's theme song.  We also do Farewell to Storyville which our 
vocalist, Carol Mulligan, sings.

Bud Taylor
Smugtown Stompers
Performing Traditional Jazz Since 1958!
Rochester, NY

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