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Posting notices of gigs and available recordings is fine, in my opinion.
However, I think it is important to note early on in a message, the location
of said gigs.  I'd rather not get excited about a gig in Woonsocket only to
find out that it is in Woonsocket S.D. and not Woonsocket, RI.

Ron L

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Hello to all-after years of being told I should read this list more, my
band (Titanic Jazz Band) pushed me into being our emissary to the list.
They would like me to post info on gigs, recordings, and the like, but I
would like input first on how appropriate this would be for this forum.
I have no desire to dump commercial junk where it ought not be dumpt.

Couple of quick thoughts-

First, thanks to Jim Jones for being my mouthpiece here; the few times I
felt there was something important to inform people of, he would
transmit the info. I'll always owe him a debt of gratitude for
forwarding my words of Rosy McHargue's passing, and for the help he gave
us those last few years.

Second, should any one care, I listen to and enjoy virtually anything
where the artist is the source of the creative output. It may take a few
listenings to find the beauty, but it'll be there. Factory-produced
music will never be good-look at what comes out of Nashville these days.
I play a lot of Irish trad, Scottish pipe music, klezmer, and country
(NOT modern commercial country!) and can't imagine that my trad jazz
playing would improve if I dropped all of the other influences. There's
more than a little of the Irish and klezmer in trad jazz, after all;
most klez clarinetists recognize a lot of Larry Shield's playing as
their own.

Re: Austin-touring musicians all should know that it never hurts to find
out AHEAD OF TIME what things may or may not be kosher in a town they
are visiting. With Trad bands, this usually won't matter. I also do
sound for many other types of groups, and a call to the local constable
has always been helpful, in more ways than one.

I like seeing how many are speaking favorably about the inclusion of
younger musicians at Sacramento. Here's a thought that my band has
had-Festivals might consider letting local High School musicians have
FREE badges to their events. Many might attend, and a few may like it!
Those that would attend would most likely already be playing in their
school bands. It may well sell some tix to their parents as well. My
band has spent  a lot of time wondering about where to find fresh blood;
this is worth discussion at least, I humbly suggest.

Lastly, thank you for letting a newbie ramble like this.

yr hmbl & obdnt srvnt,

Keith M. Elliott
Trombone, Toitanic Jazz Band
Never say die. I've tried, and it doesn't actually make people die.

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