[Dixielandjazz] Pop Tunes as Jazz

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Wed Mar 24 10:46:48 PST 2004

Hello Phil

I couldn't agree more - "It ain't what yer play it's the way 'at yer play it".
That old Dixieland stand-by "Ja-Da" was written as a pop tune in 1918 by naval reservist Bob Carleton. It was sung by Beatrice Lillie in the musical "Bran Pie".
If you look at most jazz tunes as written (e.g. "The Saints") it's difficult to imagine that these tunes could ever be jazz. 
Then again, Sidney Bechet recorded a jazz version of the march "National Emblem".
"High Society" was written, most probaby, by bandsman Porter Steele and was recorded by Prince's Military Band in 1911.
Need I go on ........



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