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Hi Brian, A-1 your comments on 'judging' clarinetists. J.W.


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>'How high", "how fast" and "how clever" are not the key ingredients for
>judging clarinet greatness, in my book anyway.  "Tone" "Soul"  "Feeling" &
>"Originality" would come ahead of those items in my contest and Johnny 
>stands supreme - just ahead of Omer Simeon, Sidney Bechet (yes, he played
>strong clarinet too); Jimmy Noone, Barney Bigard  and all the other 
>trail blazers in "twenties" classic jazz.
>Brian Towers
>Hot Five Jazzmakers
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> > I have read every thread concerning the "Worlds Best Clarinetist" and it
> > seems to me that everyone is putting the emphasis on how high one can
> > to be the criteria determining the best.
> >
> > I would submit that the determining factor should depend upon one's
> > proficiency in both jazz and classical performance, and there was no one
> > (IMHO) more qualified than the late great Benny Goodman.
> >
> > O.K., DJML'ers, what do you think?
> >
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