[Dixielandjazz] Re: High Notes - World's Best Clarinetist?

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Wed Mar 24 16:18:49 PST 2004

Hi Steve, One of the secrets of playing very high notes on the clarinet is 
to wear very tight underwear. J.W.


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>List mates:
>I don't think I've ever heard anything higher than Davern's double high D 
>wonder if that is what Tony Scott's Web site refers to. Personally, I can't 
>above the A, 3 notes below Davern's D. I think Artie Shaw was the one who 
>to Double high C & D first, in the late 1930s. I think Eddie Daniels gets 
>there too, as does Allan Vache.
>Last time I spoke to Davern he was using a Van Doren  #4 reed with a Van 
>5JB (wide lay) mouthpiece. I use the same mouthpiece, but with a # 2 & 1/2
>reed. Not strong enough to make the stiffer reeds sound. I believe Kenny 
>the designer of that 5JB and one has to push a lot of air through it. 
>the way you phrase, and/or forces you to expand your lung capacity. 
>you run out of air before the idea/phrase is finished.
>Damn all those years of smoking, regular or weed. ;-) VBG.
>Isn't Scott's web site a treat? I believe his Italian wife designed it. One
>could spend several hours with it and be surprised at every click. I first 
>him in the 1950s in NYC and he was tearing up the place with his ideas and 
>execution. He is much appreciated in Italy. (and Europe) but not here 
>among a small group of reed players and jazz fans.
>Steve Barbone
>Tom Duncan wrote:
> > Steve Barbone writes on Fri, 19 Mar 2004 18:03:43 (snip):
> >
> > >>For all the clarinetist's on the DJML. For a treat see:
> >
> > http://www.tonyscott.it/home.htm
> > <<
> >
> > What a well-conceived and presented website. Thanks, Steve, for this 
>tip. I
> > will also thank you or anyone who can elaborate on the following 
> > of Scott's high range playing contained in the Bio information:
> >
> > "In his high range he was able to reach 8 notes higher over the highest 
>C on
> > the clarinet"
> >
> > Does this exist? I think Goodman peaked at a "double high C" on "Sing, 
> > Sing". I heard a tape that Dan Levinson has of a memorial service at St.
> > Peter's in NYC where Kenny Davern reached and sustained a beautiful, 
> > soft "double high D".
> >
> > I thought those were limits. Is the above quote saying there is another
> > octave above what I thought was the altissimo range?
> >
> > Tom "Wondering What Reed Could Take You That High" Duncan
> >
> > PS - before any wags jump on it, that is reed with an "r", not a "w"
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