[Dixielandjazz] What music to listen to

john petters jpettjazz at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 23 22:28:00 PST 2004

Tony said
> Years ago someone told me that Ken Colyer only listened to New
> Orleans jazz and that was what one should do.
I know that is not true. Ken used to Like Roy Eldridge and much more. The
Colyer fans have buit up a mystical image of the Guv'nor and fact has been
obsured by fiction.
The mouldy Fygge brigade take things too far. I have played with a working
banjoist/bass player who reckons that a song is not jazz untess George Lewis
recorded it. He actually rubbished Louis. Believe me these folk exist. Ken
Colyer was not one of them.

By all means listen to other music - but if yiou are going to play
traditional jazz, then make sure you fully understand the music you are
trying to play.
Personnally, I hate anything with a rock beat, although I do like Rock &
Roll. I do listen to classical music and folk music as well as many of the
American song stylists like Crosby, Cole Sinatra,Astaire etc. Rock & pop I
can live without.
John Petters
Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ

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