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You are absolutely correct. Your comments are confirmed by Colyer in his
autobiography, " When Dreams Are In The Dust"
and also by many comments made by his brother, Bill.


Norrie Thomson
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> Tony,
> Great to see you posting....
> I very much doubt that is the case about Colyer only listening to N.O.
> His favourite cornet was "Wild Bill" and of course he had an extensive
> and understanding of the blues, as evidenced by his skiffle group, where
> led on guitar - nothing to do with New Orleans Jazz there.
> He loved adapting the old pop songs to his band - tunes like "Over the
> Rainbow" , "Cheek to Cheek" "Poor Butterfly" to name but a few.  He did
> get these from New Orleans musicians..     Then he must also have listened
> to a great deal of Ragtime music - remember all the great rags by Joplin
> that he included in his repertoire and recorded, putting his own unique
> style and stamp upon them, with his own arrangements.
> I would postulate that he had much broader listening tastes than just New
> Orleans jazz, though of course he did have a superb grasp of that idiom
> Cheers,
> Brian Towers
> (Hot Five Jazzmakers, Toronto)
> >
> > Years ago someone told me that Ken Colyer only listened to New
> > Orleans jazz and that was what one should do.
> > Tony Pringle
> > (Black Eagle Jazz Band)
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