[Dixielandjazz] Musical Spirit in Austin TX was pepper spray 2nd liners.

david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Mon Mar 22 15:48:03 PST 2004

If you visit the band website you will see that Ozomatli is a bit more 
than just a typical guitar rock band. They have trumpet, tenor sax, 
string bass, and drums and percussion to go with the guitars - and they 
are much more a "World Beat" international dance sort of group. I have 
not seen them play live, but I know some people that have - they say 
the group usually always starts out by parading in through the audience 
and they generally have some sort of "2nd Line" or "Conga Line" at the 
end of the show. http://www.ozomatli.com

South by South West can get a bit crazy from the experiences I have 
heard about over the years - we did a live remote broadcast on KFJC 
from SXSW several years ago but I have not had the chance to go there 

The problem of police over-reaction at night club areas of San Jose 
(CA) has been in the local papers quite a lot. There is a strictly 
enforced 2AM drinking ban but the cops seem to want everybody to go 
home right away - no late night restaurant stops or coffeehouse 
cool-downs allowed!    Get in your car and get out so they can have a 
chance to give you a ticket for drunk driving...

Dave Richoux

On Mar 22, 2004, at 1:00 PM, Stephen Barbone wrote:

> I wasn't going to post this because it is not about OKOM. However, then
> folks started saying that Austin Texas was not music friendly and the
> police pepper sprayed 2nd liners in the streets. Hey, maybe they were
> music critics? Doesn't look like any other Rocker's had any problems in
> Austin TX, other than that band mentioned in the 2nd to last paragraph.
> The below article points out the "rest of the story" around the 
> incident
> in Austin. Two members of Ozomatli, a Latin rock band, were arrested
> when they led the audience into the streets. The rest of the 7200
> musicians in1261 performances over 4 days seemed to love it and have a
> great time there. One minor incident seems a small price to pay when 
> you
> have that many musos in town.

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