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> Do you-all know that there's a festival before the massive,
> all-kinds-of-music-but-not-much-jazz Jazzfest in NEw ORleans? It's the
> French Quarter Festival, April 16-18, the weekend before Jazzfest. I've
> heard that it's almost all jazz, in many styles, and free, yeah, free.
> go for the first time this year.
> On Friday the 16th there's an all-day free seminar at the Old Mint (at the
> foot of the Quarter) on marching/brass bands, old and new. Some of the new
> ones sound a lot like pop-rock to me, but it should be
> interesting--sessions also on jazz & funerals, second lining, the role of
> the tuba. The message below is from OFFBEAT, the N.O. weekly. Their
> is www.offbeat.com, if you want to keep posted.
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> Get yourself ready for the most underappreciated music
> festival in New Orleans. Many people who attend the
> New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival have never heard
> of the French Quarter Festival. But it's worth your
> consideration: all the musicians are local (11 stages of
> music!), lots of local food booths and the ambience of
> the French Quarter to boot.
> Best of all, the admission is FREE!
> Look for the April issue of OffBeat for a complete guide
> to this year's festival.
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