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Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Wed Mar 17 22:56:34 PST 2004

I'm just back on mailing lists after months away doing some writing- a
little jazz stuff but mostly editing my late son's writing for possible
publication. Got to get back in the saddle again. Shoot me, I think I just
quoted Gene Autrey.

Good place to start back--talking about Wild Bill. For my money his 1943
Commodore sessions with Brunis, Pee Wee, Edmond Hall, Condon, Wettling,
etc. produced some of the greatest Dixieland ever. The ensembles are so
wild but so tight at the same time. And Wettling is perfect--I never tire
of digging his great woodblock (or drum rim, maybe) behind Gene Schroeder
on "That's A-Plenty." Jazzology put out a CD of the 2nd and 3rd takes from
the session. Weird to hear that after almost memorizing the original
release over the years.

Re Wild Bill at Condon's, I've got the live "Ringside" CD on Savoy where
Cutty Cutshall is on trombone--undated but probably around 1948? The Grove
book says Brad Gowans was there around 40-42 and 46-48, Wild Bill
intermittently from 45-60. Did somebody say Davison is still living? He was
born in '06, so not likely. I don't know when he died.

Rambling here, but it's good to be in touch again.

Charlie Suhor

>Before I even look at my messages I want the record to show that I
>BRAD GOWANS! That was the trombone player with Bill at Nicks. There wil
>be at least 50 messages to help me with this.
>My favorite time of the year is almost here. It's Easter! That's because
>I get to hide my own Easter eggs, cuz I can't remember where I hid them.
>Have fun,
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