[Dixielandjazz] Your CD

Harold Smith s3856lpa at webtv.net
Thu Mar 18 19:54:17 PST 2004

Steve, you sly devil!  You play your posterior off!  No doubt that Kenny
Daverne is one of your heroes.  The influence is noticeable, and I do
not mean in the least that you copy him.

What struck me  most about your clarinet is the very clear articulation
and facileness of your playing.  The lines are so well defined, and the
cleanliness of same is more than impressive.  The quickness of your mind
is big time.  You do not mess around, sir.

Your band is quite obviously New York.  One gets the feel of Condon in
the heat generated, the driving beat and the exuberance of the soloists.
All of hem knocked me out, and I want to add that your guitarist, Mr.
Troy, is to be commended for his wonderful comping that propels the
rhythm, not to mention his solos.  The horns display total versatility
and verve in their solos.  I dug Glenn Dodson's trombone, and especially
his hybrid ensemble approach which crosses between tailgating, and
straight-ahead swing.

For me, the high point was "Hackensack", which I thought was outstanding
on everyone's part.  Man, that really came together.  But that was one
out of many on this CD.

No wonder you speak of your experiences with this band on the DJML.  You
have every reason to do so with pride.

I think I got the better deal in this exchange of CD's.

Best Regards,   Harold Smith

P.S.  I wasn't gonna post this on the DJML, because I thought it would
look like a mutual admiration society thing, but then I thought, the
hell with it.  It's a great CD, and they need to know about it.

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